St. Jude Perpetual Adoration Chapel

Adoring since 1984

"Lord, I need you"  - Matt Maher

The lyrics may be found here.

Lord, I Need You
Matt Maher (Lord, I Need You [Performance Tracks])







1. Visitors are only able to sit in the front and rear rows and one in the library.  The middle rows of pews will be blocked off.  Couples may sit together in the same pew.

2.  Maximum capacity is 5 individuals but people from the same household will count as 1 and should sit in the same pew.  So, there may be more than 5 people in the chapel if two people are sitting in the same row.

3.  Masks are required to be worn by all in the chapel.

4.  Sanitary cleaning supplies will be available to be used by persons visiting the chapel.  We ask that each adorer clean the pew that they are sitting in so that you may feel confident that is clean.

5.  Due to our ongoing roofing project, parking will not be available in front of the chapel.  On weekdays during school hours you may park in the handicapped spots in front of the church facing Randalia if needed.  If you need to park closer you may ask a parking lot attendant to move the cones and keep the children away to let you pass.

6.  Our bathroom will be available to visitors.  Supplies to wipe the doorknob will be provided. 

updated 08/08/2020


Our mission is to ensure the adoration of

Jesus Christ, present in the Holy Eucharist,

at every hour of every day.

You are invited to visit the St. Jude Perpetual Adoration Chapel any hour of the day or night.

(Entry between the hours of midnight and 6am requires

a security code.  Contact [email protected] to request the code.)


Our Bishop requires that two people be present with Jesus
every hour of every day in order for our chapel to remain open 24 hours.

What is a Scheduled Adorer or a Substitute Adorer?  Click here to find out


Prayer for the Spread of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

Heavenly Father, increase our faith in the Real Presence of Your Son Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. We are obliged to adore Him, to give Him thanks and to make reparation for sins. We need Your peace in our hearts and among nations. We need conversion from our sins and the mercy of Your forgiveness. May we obtain this through prayer and our union with the Eucharistic Lord. Please send down the Holy Spirit upon all peoples to give them love, courage, strength and willingness to respond to the invitation to Eucharistic Adoration. We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord. Amen. Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament help us to spread the glory of your Son through Perpetual Adoration. 

~ Pope John Paul II